Nairobi – Full of hope and promise

‘I would love to come back in 10 years to see what this place becomes’, these are the words from one of my clients as we sit 8 stories up in a trendy restaurant. All around us are skyscrapers in the making. ‘For now I am ready to leave this place’, he continues. The toils of a burgeoning third world city have clearly started to grind him down over the years. This is the tale of Nairobi, stuck paradoxically between two worlds. The one so full of hope and promise, the new multinational head office, the new shopping centre or high rise tenements. The other world, reminding you the journey is still long and arduous, the beggars and street merchants, the badly needed infrastructure. If you have the courage to get stuck in the currents of this progress, there is surely rewards awaiting, but if not, there is always time to come back and see the progress in 10 years.