Rhino Dehorning

rhino dehorning

Cheers to the day I will never forget.
Big Eye is known for blowing the customers socks off but my goodness did they give the whole staff a once in a lifetime experience. In the early hours of the morning on the 29th of July, we all came in drips and drabs, covered in jackets and pining for hot coffee. Hopped in two mini buses and headed for Nambiti Big 5 Private Game Reserve. As part of a conservation effort, we teamed up with Wildcon Safari & Events to de-horn a mother & calf white rhino. From tracking, darting, cutting & reawakening, each person played their part perfectly. Nambiti Game Reserve’s team was incredibly accommodating & it is so evident that they undeniably love their jobs. A huge shout out to Matt & Rog for organising such an incredible day & for allowing us to play a small part in trying to help save our animals!