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Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire, also known as Ivory Coast, is a place we wholeheartedly recommend visiting at least once in a lifetime! Its vibrant culture, warm-hearted people, delicious cuisine, and captivating music make you feel like you’ve stepped onto another planet. Those who visit Côte d’Ivoire, particularly Abidjan, often leave with an insatiable desire to return and […]

Our history with the beverage industry in Africa

From humble beginnings, Big Eye Branding founders Matthew and Roger Fitzsimons saw an opportunity to create something truly remarkable. Together they built a thriving business by serving the brewers and beverage companies of Africa. With a keen eye for opportunity and a drive to succeed, they set their sights on providing world-class marketing materials to […]


The parallels between a coastal Brazilian city like Sao Paulo’s Guaruja and Luanda are almost endless. Both cities are beautiful and rich with cultural influences of the old Portuguese colonization, but as a foreigner, you would always need to keep your wits about you and your head on a swivel. Unlike Maputo, Luanda draws more […]


zambia trip 2019

One of the great benefits of travelling with an “open mind”, is that you never know where your next micro adventure may await. Nic recently travelled to Zambia, and in the melee of action in Lusaka airport, the following short story unfolded. Here’s the story in his own words. As I had suspected, the hotel […]

About the Country Namibia

namibian sunset

You don’t get a place quite like Namibia in this world. A massive expanse of space of varying degres’s of desert and arid areas. A country with barely as many people as Durban but a people that are as diverse as South Africa. Germans, Afrikaners, Himba’s Herreros, Dhamaras, Nama’s and various other groups all call […]

Botswana, The Darling of Economists

botswana october 2019

Botswana, the darling of economists, the Africa success story. In a continent of seemingly in surmountable political and economic despair, Botswana has consistently shone above the rest of its peers as a stable, well managed economy, taking advantage of its natural resources to build its nation. Still a rugged terrain nation, with a large allure […]