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The parallels between a coastal Brazilian city like Sao Paulo’s Guaruja and Luanda are almost endless. Both cities are beautiful and rich with cultural influences of the old Portuguese colonization, but as a foreigner, you would always need to keep your wits about you and your head on a swivel. Unlike Maputo, Luanda draws more […]

Zambia 2019

zambia trip 2019

One of the great benefits of travelling with an “open mind”, is that you never know where your next micro adventure may await. Nic recently travelled to Zambia, and in the melee of action in Lusaka airport, the following short story unfolded. Here’s the story in his own words. As I had suspected, the hotel […]

Namibia Nov 2019

namibian sunset

You don’t get a place quite like Namibia in this world. A massive expanse of space of varying degres’s of desert and arid areas. A country with barely as many people as Durban but a people that are as diverse as South Africa. Germans, Afrikaners, Himba’s Herreros, Dhamaras, Nama’s and various other groups all call […]

Botswana Oct 2019

botswana october 2019

Botswana, the darling of economists, the Africa success story. In a continent of seemingly in surmountable political and economic despair, Botswana has consistently shone above the rest of its peers as a stable, well managed economy, taking advantage of its natural resources to build its nation. Still a rugged terrain nation, with a large allure […]

Nairobi 2019

‘I would love to come back in 10 years to see what this place becomes’, these are the words from one of my clients as we sit 8 stories up in a trendy restaurant. All around us are skyscrapers in the making. ‘For now I am ready to leave this place’, he continues. The toils […]


streets of kampala in uganda

The streets of Kampala can be a tricky place to traverse on the best of days. Constant gridlocked traffic has all forms of vehicles jostling for an inch of gain. Almost out of reaction to this, low end motorbikes have become common place. A major force to be reckoned with, they flow like shoals of […]


ethiopia - travel blog

Addis Ababa, the ‘new flower’ in Amharic is nestled under the sacred mountain of Entoto. Thought to be a key reason for establishing the city where it is, it is a dominant feature on the skyline. The mountain, already rising from a city of high altitude, has its summit at around 3100m, enough of an […]


Rwanda is known for the terrible genocide that happened there exactly 25 years ago. What amazes me every time I visit is the speed at which this small east African country has recovered. By far the cleanest and most law-abiding country I have ever visited on the continent: no wonder they call it the Switzerland […]


church in namibia

There is nothing to prepare you for the perfect mixture of scenery, wildlife, and the sheer beauty of landscapes that await you in Namibia. It is a unique mix, combining the dryness of the Karoo and a scattering of beautiful mountains that really stand out on the largely dry and flat landscape. A photographers dream! […]