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Big Eye was founded by twins, Roger and Matthew Fitzsimons. When one of their eyes twitches, the other brother feels it. Always at
home in the outdoors, they built a career to suit, in the form of Big Eye.

Big Eye has a family feel, though we always have staff spread out from Durban to Asmara and flying the big
sky between Ghana and Uganda.

There’s a shared sense of purpose at Big Eye. We talk loudly, work hard and laugh a lot. We are not pencil pushers.

We are passionate about Africa’s culture, history, natural wonders and food.
That passion infuses our offices, which are full
of mementos carried home, from Zambian seed necklaces to dried termite jars from Cameroon.

Finding a quiet space is tough, because there will always be staff kicking a ball around, beating the drums or playing the
latest track from Olamide or Ice Prince.

There’s a Masai saying on one of our office walls, “Be as familiar with observation as you are with the place you live”.

We know Africa, we love Africa and yet there’s still so much more to discover and learn.

fisherman foundation charity

There is a proverb that says “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

These words inspired us to form the Fisherman Foundation, a program that we use to work with the charities we support – empowering them to grow, market themselves, attract donors or just create awareness.

We offer our time, resources and finances to help them uplift themselves and in turn improve our communities.

We are committed to making our neighbourhoods better, our towns better, our country better and our continent better. Supporting our country and fellow people is close to our hearts, you could call this our version of the ubuntu spirit.

There are people doing good for others all around us – please have a look below at some of the charities we support.

big eye branding light

We live the Spirit of Big Eye from the moment our eyes open in the morning to when we fall asleep at night.

We like to keep a healthy balance between looking after ourselves, our families and our jobs. We focus on being active and doing lots of exercise so that we arrive each day with a happy attitude and a bounce in our step.

We like to see the positives of every day and respect the privilege of being alive and healthy.

There are many people who are less fortunate than us and, as such, we commit resources through time, investment and
brainpower to assist the organisations that are making a difference in people’s lives.

We challenge everyone to try and make a difference by getting involved.


iThemba Lethu

iThemba Lethu

We are a local Durban based NGO, committed to caring for vulnerable babies & children, developing youth and restoring families to regain a meaningful destiny by recognising the value of their lives!

visit ithemba lethu website
Ethembeni tribe of hope logo


Ethembeni was established by the Howick Community Church in November 2000 as a social outreach programme in the township of Mpophomeni, about 12kms outside the town Howick in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. Today, this outreach has developed into an independent, registered non-profit organisation.

visit Ethembeni website
focus on ithemba logo

Focus on Ithemba

Focus on iThemba was established in 2003 by Danie van den Heever, a local businessman and his wife, Judy. Danie volunteers his business knowledge to the successful operation of this well-established accredited non-profit, public benefit organization.

visit focus on ithemba website

Surfers Not Street Children

Surfers Not Street Children is a project that empowers ex street children as they move towards adulthood. The team of former street children, who are now top surfers, are not only committed to their own continued transformation and journey towards independence but are ambassadors and role models for other kids.

visit surfers not streets website

how green are we?

We have strict recycling processes in place for the paper and fabric used to produce our products. In addition, we only use recyclable polyester fabric – re-used to make plastic, concrete and new clothing, increasing landfill life and reducing toxic emissions from incinerators. We donate waste fabric from our printing processes to community upliftment programmes in South Africa – they use it to make school bags, shopping bags and raincoats ftor under-privileged children. We have bins specifically allocated for paper and plastic in our offices and make a point to chose the greener, double-sided option when printing.

In addition, waste fabric from our banners is given to the Uzwelo bag project, where local women from KwaZulu-Natal use it to create
one-of-a-kind bags, helping them to earn a living.

read their story here