Rwanda: A Country of Resilience and Natural Beauty

Rwanda is known for the terrible genocide that happened there exactly 25 years ago. What amazes me every time I visit is the speed at which this small east African country has recovered. By far the cleanest and most law-abiding country I have ever visited on the continent: no wonder they call it the Switzerland of Africa.

Lately, it has become very popular with high-end, adventure seeking travelers looking for an authentic and natural experience. Indeed, its natural beauty made of green rolling hills and beautiful lakes makes it a real contender for people looking for something different.

The capital, Kigali, is small but modern city with a business-friendly environment which explains why more and more multinationals are moving there. The newly built International convention center, visa-free policy for all world citizens as well as great flight connections make it the obvious choice for conferences and summits. On the other hand, it has also kept some if its old charm and has simple and slow way of life, great eateries and traditional markets. Definitely worth the detour and a refreshing take on Africa.