church in namibia

There is nothing to prepare you for the perfect mixture of scenery, wildlife, and the sheer beauty of landscapes that await you in Namibia. It is a unique mix, combining the dryness of the Karoo and a scattering of beautiful mountains that really stand out on the largely dry and flat landscape. A photographers dream!

The people are equally as great and are divided into 9 largely distinct tribes scattered across land,

1 Ovambo 50%
2 Kavango 9%
3 White Namibian 7%
4 Herero 7%
5 Damara 7%
6 Nama 5%
7 Caprivian 4%
8 Busmen 3%
9 Tswana 1%

Nam, as we fondly refer to it, is one of our favourite countries to travel to, both in terms of the dramatic scenery, the lovely people, and the good business opportunities and even though there is always a sense of sadness leaving this country, its only temporary, as being close to our SA borders, it’s only a short time before a return trip.

Joe’s beer house is a great place to go when the sun sets for a bite to eat and a cold refreshment, with smiles all around and sharing tables it brings people from all corners of the globe together. We thoroughly recommend this beautiful country and its “food for the soul”