Julian recently visited the bustling city of Maputo

maputo mozambique

The dusty streets of Maputo play host to a diverse blend of people, cultures and creative offerings. The city is built on one of the last remnants of Portuguese colonialism, Mozambique’s capital has a curious enchanting appeal. Having gained independence in 1975, the dilapidated city has a kind of charm which can only be appreciated through experience. The particularly rich and lavishly styled Portuguese architecture shines through the unkempt buildings throughout the city. It is very easy to fall in love with this rapidly developing city, and it is a love that you will never let go of. Maputo is an appealing destination in many aspects. From the classic peri peri flavours to the warm, tropical weather and the friendly locals, you will leave this wonderful city already planning your next visit.

Pro-Tip: When travelling down the Avenida da Marginal be sure to stop off for a freshly squeezed ‘Suco de cana com limão’ (sugar cane juice with lemon), it’s the best way to beat the heat.